YUUMY YN48 versatile fashion women's cross-bag bag-Brown

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  • YN48 cross bag suitable for all girls who love fashion. The leather bag is optimally designed to help her comfortably in parties and play. YUUMY YN48 women's cross bag has an extra compartment on the back, making it more convenient for her to store personal belongings.
  • Dimensions: Length 25cm x Width 10.5cm x Height 19cm
  • The maximum length of wire 120cm (can be adjusted)
  • Material: high-quality synthetic leather
  • Colors: Red, Pink, Rose, Gray, Blue, Black, Brown, Cow, Dark Blue.
  • Number of compartments: 4 | Weight: 624g | Made in Viet Nam WHY DO THIS WOMEN'S BAG CARE MADE GIRLS? FASHION & FEMALE STYLE: With a youthful design incorporating popular colors, the bag attracts its own lightness and charm. The bag is suitable for all situations: going to school, going to work, going out, shopping, traveling ... A beautiful cross-bag will definitely help her attract a glimpse of the person from the first meeting. CONVENIENCE: This lovely bag has the ultimate storage capacity with up to 4 compartments. The large compartment of the bag can fit IPHONE11 phone, wallet, lipstick, chalk, car keys, sunglasses, ... The small compartment has a zipper, she uses to hold important papers without fear of losing it. The bag is also integrated with an additional compartment in the back, helping her to easily take things when needed. MULTIPLE CHOICE: The bag has a gentle, yet youthful, personality style. With 9 super hot tones, she can freely transform herself from gentle, elegant style to healthy, dynamic, and youthful. -GOOD QUALITY: Women's cross-bags are made from high-quality synthetic leather, thick and soft, not natural flaking, and waterproof. The inner lining of the leather bag is made of high-quality umbrella. The seam of the bag is meticulously machined, and the zipper is carefully and carefully selected. This delicate combination bag will make a perfect and lasting friend over time. - REASONABLE PRICE: A product that is trendy, durable, beautiful, very convenient at a very reasonable price. It will be a great investment item for the F5 to make her own style more impressive. With her distinct dexterity, choose a beautiful cross-bag to look confident and express her own personality! * WARRANTY INFORMATION: 1-year warranty: Natural peeling leather, manufacturer's technical defects such as the zipper, thread, keychains ... within the period of use completely free of charge and warranty will be as fast as possible * NOTE: The warranty is not covered for the fault due to external force causing the product to tear or the effect of high temperature. ** PAYMENT INFORMATION: - Support return within 7 days of receiving goods. - Receive return for products with technical defects from manufacturers such as zippers, lines, keychains ... - Defective shipping process (please provide photos or videos at the time of loading to check with the carrier). - Do not accept return for used products.
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