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Welcome to the website DOOTASTYLE.COM (" Website "), website / e-commerce platform established and owned by DOOTASTYLE VIETNAM TRADING CO., LTD. Establish and operate under Business Registration Certificate No. 0313626885 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City for the first time on 19/01/2016 as amended from time to time (hereinafter referred to as "DOOTASTYLE.COM").

Please carefully read these Terms and Conditions of Trading (hereinafter referred to as " Terms and Conditions ") prior to placing any goods / services / vouchers on DOOTASTYLE.COM (referred to as " Product "). Please note that your access to and use of the DOOTASTYLE.COM Web Site means you have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions contained below.

You understand and accept that all information, data, text, software, music, sound, images, graphics, video, messages or other material appear on this Site ( Collectively referred to as the " Content Display ") owned by DOOTASTYLE.COM or DOOTASTYLE.COM has been granted a license to use. You absolutely must not use any Display Content without the written consent of DOOTASTYLE.COM. Except as otherwise provided in these Terms and Conditions, you may not copy, distribute, republish, download, display, publish, transmit in any form or by any means, Without the prior written permission of DOOTASTYLE.COM. Any unauthorized use of the Content Display may violate copyright, privacy, and other communications laws of Vietnam.

DOOTASTYLE.COM is a registered and protected trademark of Electronic Commerce Company Limited.

All other trademarks including trademarks, trade names of any products / services, displays and / or attachments on the Site are the property of their respective owners. Your use of these brand names must be authorized in writing by DOOTASTYLE.COM, except in other specific circumstances..

All comments, feed backs, suggestions, ideas submitted or provided to DOOTASTYLE.COM on this Site will be treated as the property of DOOTASTYLE.COM. You further agree that any Content submitted to the Site by you for any illegal or unlawful, abusive or obscene acts will result in your account being permanently blocked as well as possible To bear criminal liability according to the provisions of Vietnamese law. By participating in the Site, or any promotions on the Site including but not limited to: sweepstakes, contests, promotions; and / or requirements to update information or commercial products, you expressly agree that DOOTASTYLE.COM has the sole right to use your information for marketing / advertising purposes to DOOTASTYLE.COM.

You agree that DOOTASTYLE.COM may email you for the purpose of advising you of any changes or additions to the contents of this Site, any DOOTASTYLE.COM products or services, or for other purposes when DOOTASTYLE.COM deems appropriate.

You can use the discount code / gift while making payments for products on the DOOTASTYLE.COM Web site. Specific details for the types of discount codes are noted below:

5.1 In order to see the Codes / Points accrued in your account or available credit, please visit "My Account" on the Website. DOOTASTYLE.COM will not be liable for errors that occur when you use the Coupon Code / Credit or Credit on the website.

5.2 In the event of fraud or suspicion that gift cards / credit / credit points / cumulative points purchased or purchased and applied on the Website, DOOTASTYLE.COM reserves the right to close your account. And / or require another means of payment.

5.3 DOOTASTYLE.COM is not liable for loss, theft or defect in connection with any employee error on gifts or ad text.

5.4 In rare cases, DoOTASTYLE.COM may at its sole discretion, terminate or revoke any validity of any coupon / voucher / credit / accumulation points issued and shall not be liable for any Damage incurred in this case.

5.5 Discount Coupon / Voucher / Accumulated Points will be applied only once per order depending on the conditions of use. To ensure fairness for our clients, DoOTASTYLE.COM reserves the right to refuse orders for bulk purchase or re-purchase using the Voucher Code / Voucher / Accumulate Points.

DOOTASTYLE.COM will regularly cooperate with partners to create special discount programs specifically for customers. On the other hand, to ensure fair transparency for customers, DOOTASTYLE.COM reserves the right to cancel orders for multiple purchases or for the purpose of reselling or buying a product when participating in a promotion.

DOOTASTYLE.COM also reserves the right to cancel orders that do not meet the terms and conditions of the promotion without prior notice. So, please be sure to refer to the rules of each program before joining.

6.1 Registration;

(A) To order, you need to register to create an account on the Website of DOOTASTYLE.COM. You need to provide DOOTASTYLE.COM accurate and truthful information. If you need to amend the information, please inform DOOTASTYLE.COM immediately via Hotline or email Customer Support (Click vào here), or you can use related items on the Website..

(B) You may not abuse the Site to create multiple accounts.

6.2 Formation of Purchase Agreement (Order Confirmation)

(A) The information contained in the Terms and Conditions and the particulars contained on this Site are not for sale but a recommendation. There is no contract for any product that exists between you and DOOTASTYLE.COM until you receive an order confirmation or order notification delivered to your address from DOOTASTYLE.COM (under Article 21, Decree 52/2013 / ND-CP on E-commerce).

(B) When you submit your order, DOOTASTYLE.COM will send you the order number. However, ordering needs to go through an order confirmation step in the form of DOOTASTYLE.COM staff will call you to confirm your order information, personal information or shipping information. Guest is correct. To request a confirmed order quickly, please provide correct and complete information regarding the delivery, or terms and conditions of promotions (if any) that you articipate.

6.3Payments and prices

a) Payment

DOOTASTYLE.COM always strives to provide customers with the detailed information, descriptions and prices of goods appearing on the Web site of DOOTASTYLE.COM in the most accurate but still possible. Errors during operation. If DOOTASTYLE.COM detects any price of the product you have purchased, DOOTASTYLE.COM will inform you about this matter as soon as possible and provide you the option (i) Receive your orders for the correct price or (ii) cancel the corresponding order (s). If DOOTASTYLE.COM can not contact you, DOOTASTYLE.COM will process the order cancellation process. If you cancel your order before DOOTASTYLE.COM has shipped it to you, and you have paid for the order, the payment will be fully refunded to you

b) Price

(i) Price of product in Vietnam Dong. Shipping charges or other surcharges such as bulk delivery charges ... will be added at checkout; This additional fee is clearly displayed in the "Final Price" section;

(ii) DOOTASTYLE.COM is under no obligation to fulfill your order if the price listed on the website is incorrect (even after we have confirmed your order).

(iii) You can pay your order by any form of payment of any of our partners listed on the site or use cash in cash. Similarly, you can pay all or part of the price of an order through the use of an electronic gift card, a credit purse, or a promotional coupon (if applicable).

(iv) To prevent the risk of unauthorized access, DOOTASTYLE.COM will encrypt your card data. Once DOOTASTYLE.COM receives your order, DOOTASTYLE.COM will request permission to access your card to ensure there are sufficient funds to complete the transaction. The order will not be validated until the inspection is completed. Your card will be credited with a deduction when we have sent an order confirmation email. The card can be verified, verified and authorized by the card issuer. If DOOTASTYLE.COM does not receive the required authorization, we will not be responsible for any delays or failures of delivery.

(v) After authorizing the payment, you click the "Order" button to confirm ownership of the card or you are the legal owner of the gift card or gift card (if any), and Have enough sources of credit to pay for the product.

6.4 Confusion in ordering

If you have made a mistake in placing your order once you have confirmed your order on the DOOTASTYLE.COM Web site, please contact our Customer Support team immediately. DOOTASTYLE.COM will try to process your request as soon as possible.

6.5 Refusal to place an order

DOOTASTYLE.COM reserves the right to withdraw any product or remove or modify any material or content on this Site. DOOTASTYLE.COM will do its best to handle all orders, but if there are special cases in it, DOOTASTYLE.COM must refuse your order to process at any time, anywhere. Which, including after you have successfully ordered.

If DOOTASTYLE.COM cancels your order and you pay for that order, the payment amount will be fully refunded to you.

DOOTASTYLE.COM has the sole disclaimer of liability to the customer or any other third party for the removal of any product from the Site, whether the product has been sold to the customer; As well as the removal or modification of any material or Content displayed on this website.

7.1 DOOTASTYLE.COM will deliver the product to the delivery address at your request.

7.2 DOOTASTYLE.COM will inform you of the estimated delivery time but, to the extent permitted by law, DOOTASTYLE.COM will not be liable to you for any damages, liabilities, or costs of delivery. Birth to late delivery.

7.3 When the product is delivered, you will sign the product with the carrier. You may contact Customer Support in the event of a technical defect, defect or damage to the product.

7.4 Please note that there may be some DOOTASTYLE.COM locations that can not be delivered, DOOTASTYLE.COM will notify you in various forms such as phone or email, depending on the contact information that the customer provided. Previous level to confirm your information regarding consent (i) DOOTASTYLE.COM will arrange to cancel that order or (ii) DOOTASTYLE.COM deliver the order to an alternate address.

7.5 The product will be packaged under the standard packaging of DOOTASTYLE.COM

7.6 We will decline to be responsible for all risks associated with the successful delivery of the product, except for delayed delivery for breach of contractual obligations.

7.7 Take care when receiving the product to avoid damage (especially when using sharp objects to open the package).

7.8 If you are not ready to receive your goods or pay, DOOTASTYLE.COM can give back to the delivery staff for delivery next time or you can go to the post office to receive the goods.

7.9 If the delivery or receipt is delayed for personal reasons (within 2 days) or you do not receive the product from the forwarder or refuse delivery to the post office DOOTASTYLE.COM may Process your order by the following methods:

Order cancellation, the product may no longer be available to be delivered the next time the order is placed. In the event of termination, DOOTASTYLE.COM will refund any payment you have paid in advance to your bank account or your credit / debit card, minus an operating fee (if Yes) (related to delivery, return of product).

7.10 You must self-test the product's standards to suit your individual needs. DOOTASTYLE.COM is not responsible for ensuring the products will meet all personal requirements you set out. Please note that all products carry an objective quality in accordance with the general standard of the supplier may not meet all the requirements that you want.

DOOTASTYLE.COM always strives to provide the best quality products and services to our customers and always says NO to counterfeit, pirated, illegally manufactured unspecified products.

DOOTASTYLE.COM's sales partners must strictly inspect the quality and origin of products and take responsibility before law. DOOTASTYLE.COM will immediately suspend / terminate the sales cooperation and take sanctions against the offending party.

You have any doubts about the product, please immediately notify DOOTASTYLE.COM via Hotline or email Customer Support ( Here)

9.1 DOOTASTYLE.COM will perform its obligations under these Terms and Conditions in the most professional manner.

9.2 DOOTASTYLE.COM always put customer's satisfaction is our top concern. DOOTASTYLE.COM will always try to resolve customer issues as soon as possible and will contact you upon receipt of any claims related to the complaint. For product warranty that requires the involvement of manufacturers, it may take a long time to resolve.

9.3 Complaints will be more helpful to DOOTASTYLE.COM if you can provide details describing your claims or claims in relation to the above. And if possible, please send DOOTASTYLE.COM the number of orders that DOOTASTYLE.COM has provided via email or order receipt. In the unlikely event, your email may be sent to the spam folder of DOOTASTYLE.COM or inaccessible to DOOTASTYLE.COM, or you do not receive a notification from DOOTASTYLE.COM.

Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the transaction at DOOTASTYLE.COM or these Terms and Conditions shall be settled by negotiation, conciliation or by law.

DOOTASTYLE.COM may change the terms governing your use of the DOOTASTYLE.COM Web Site over time. Your use of the DOOTASTYLE.COM Web Site with any change implies your agreement to the change of our Terms & Conditions. DOOTASTYLE.COM may change, move or delete or add to a portion of the Display Content on the Site of DOOTASTYLE.COM at any time.